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AdSense Revenue - How to Earn Passive Income From Your Website
By Pat Galvin

Earning AdSense revenue is perhaps one of the most common means of monetizing a website. It is also relatively easy to implement, and requires very little extra work. If you already have an existing website with a regular stream of traffic, then you can automatically begin to earn passive income from it. Once Google accepts you into the program, AdSense allows you place code on your site that automatically generates ads to match your content. Each time one of these ads is clicked, you will earn a varying amount of money. In this article you will learn ways in which you can increase your AdSense revenue.

You can increase your AdSense revenues simply by carefully selecting which ad format you choose to implement with your site. Generally, it's best to choose ads in the text format. The first reason for this is that there are many more advertisers who use this format to promote their products, as opposed to people that advertise with banners of different sizes. You'll have no problem getting ads to display that are relevant to the content on your page, and there will be plenty of competition to ensure each click is worth more than ones through images. Secondly, you can customize the appearance of text ads to suit the existing look of your site. This can result in more people clicking through your ads, as they can be made to look just like links you have elsewhere on the page.

You will generally experience higher AdSense revenue if your site is focused around a particular topic. This will ensure that each click through is likely more valuable to the advertiser, and as a result Google will generally pay you more for each one. There are other benefits to basing a website on one particular topic, but chiefly among them it ensures that more people are likely to find the advertisements of interest - and hence, more likely to click on them and increase your earnings.

AdSense revenue can be a good way to earn extra income from your website if used in combination with informative content that it is directed at a particular audience. It is important to follow AdSense guidelines when using the program - as many people are removed due to clicking on their own ads in an attempt to increase their revenue manually. If you do things the right way, you will not have to resort to such tactics and will instead enjoy the passive extra income AdSense provides for your website.


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