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AdSense Keywords - Find the Right Words for Maximum Profit with Google's Keyword Tool
By Pat Galvin

AdSense keywords are a means for determining the type of ads Google displays on your site when it searches your content. These can be adjusted by changing the content of your site so that it contains keywords more relevant to the type of ads you would like to appear. Keep in mind that your content shouldn't be too rich with keywords, as this will likely raise a flag with Google and send your site down the rankings. The primary aim is to ensure that your content contains enough to be able to help Google detect what ads to display, but not too much that it seems the pages have been set up purely for filling with keywords. In this article you will learn some of the most important things to keep in mind when using AdSense keywords.

Researching the right AdSense keywords will take some knowledge of search engine optimization and a little time spent in research. You can use Google's keyword tool on AdWords to locate appropriate searches, and you may have already done this to some extent when setting up your website. The most-searched for terms are generally the ones that people advertise for, so if you include some of these in the optimization of your own page you will be sure to receive relevant ads. You can take this one step further and select to implement words that advertisers generally pay more for, as indicated by the average click cost in AdWords.

Once you have found some AdSense keywords, you can start to place them in your site's content. For the best performance you should optimize each page for one primary keyword, as well as up to 3 or 4 secondary keywords. The primary keyword should appear in the title and in the first line of every paragraph on the page. After a short time, the ads appearing on your site will start to adjust and display relevant ones more often. You can then continue to test different keywords until you get the best results in terms of ad relevance, the average cost per click and the amount of times visitors click the ads.

AdSense keywords can form the basis for a more relevant experience for your visitors and a higher amount of income for you. There are many other ways in which you can increase your revenue - including selecting the right ad format, appearance and placement. When used correctly, AdSense can provide a useful stream of income and if you have multiple sites this can become quite substantial.


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