A web app. built to quickly locate and track dividends, splits and trading volume for an unlimited number of companies. Users enter a Quandl code in the search field and stock market information is rendered as a colored line graph. Users can also download or print the chart.


Quander uses Bootstrap3 for a mobile-first layout, with jQuery for easy page manipulation. On the backend an Express/Node.js/MongoDB app lives on the Glitch PaaS that acts as middleware and uses the Quandl API to return stock information to the user.


A web application built to determine the buoyancy of any object based on it’s displacement. Users can then use the object's weight or density to determine the object's net buoyancy.


Bobber uses Bootstrap3 and jQuery for a responsive layout and easy page manipulation. On the backend Bobber uses an Express/Node.js app on Glitch and uses MathJS, QuantitiesJS and JSON to perform calculations for the user.


A web application that allows authenticated users to create, edit and share technology related polls.


Poll8 is built with Bootstrap3 and jQuery. A Node.js server hosted on Glitch acts as a middle-man handling backend logic, using Passport for authentication and MongoDB/Mongoose hosted on mlab for database updates.

URL Shortener

A microservice built to quickly provide a user with a shortened URL for a valid URL.


The URL Shortener is a Node.js app. living on Glitch that validates a URL submitted by a user, requests and stores valid URLs in MongoDB, parses the response, and delivers a shortened URL back to the user.

Tools I Use